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A new direction

For the last year you have been coming to this site for two possible reasons.  Technology and photography.  I'm proud to announce that for photography you can now start consuming  Robyn and I are both very excited and welcome you to check it out.

That leaves technology, the primary focus for this site and blog starting today.  Will focus on various projects I'm working on, as well as exciting news in areas of web development, apple technology, and other various topics.  Feel free to leave a comment, or find me on the socal networks.

Thanks for reading

The Next Step

A big thank you to all that attended the opening of "transform | sight" on November 6th.  I really appreciate the support and being able to connect with everyone.  It was a blast!  The show is going very well as the month of November progresses and there are hints that the show my continue in December.  Stay tuned!

I also wanted to thank everyone that helped either directly, or indirectly make transform | sight happen.  There are many of you, including Terese at the Froth House, Jo Ann Kraus, and of course Robyn.

So, what's next?

For the last month I've been consumed with transform | sight.  I expanded my horizons on a number of levels and I now know that finding venues in which to show my creative side is very empowering and enriching, and focuses the creative effort.  That said, I'm looking forward to getting the camera back in hand and shooting.  I’ll be releasing some additional fine art images soon in the Gallery Store, so keep an eye on this blog, as well as on the Facebook Fan Page.  From there I hope to be spending the rest of November and December working on a new fine art project that I've been kicking around.  It's pretty hands-on....I think you will like it!

Beyond fine art, I’ve been kicking around the idea of entering into the portrait and event area of photography.  Not in the traditional sense of staged portraits, but rather “on location” photography for individuals and families wanting professional photos of things happening in real life.  A personal photojournalist, if you will....capturing those important, candid moments of both everyday life and special events. I look forward to hearing your thoughts as I explore this more.

New League of Women Voters of Dane County website launched

Proud to announce the launch of a new website for the League of Women Voters of Dane County. 

The local Dane County League of Women Voters organization provides non-partisan, community-based participation in reconnecting citizens with government, enhancing voter participation, including all voices in civic life, and strengthening the democratic process through reform.

Feel free to check out the site at





New MadCity Velo Site Launched

Proud to announce a new look and feel has been released for the website.  MadCity Velo is a local cycling club that promotes, and enourages cyclists to achive new levels of fitness and personal growth in a number of various racing series and events.  From the website:

"We are teachers, business people, students, tradesmen, professionals, fathers, mothers, retirees – in other words, regular people - who share the bond of competitive cycling.  Our members range in age from pre-teen to near 70.  We rally around a philosophy that centers on getting fit, riding faster, participating in races, working together as a team, and HAVING FUN!"

Good luck to all the club members this summer!

Welcome to the new

I'm very excited to unleash the new site today in part because of what you see now, as well as the possibility of what is to come. has had many incarnations, variations, and purposes dating back to the mid 1990s.  Its primary focus has been a means to publish and record personal events, interests, and passions of life.  It was used to show achievements of bicycling, the discovery of parenting, and the joy of a child’s smile.  Behind the vail, it was – as you would expect – a study of technology.  In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson’s tweaking, and constant renewals of his home of Monticello in the pursuit to study architecture, form, and design; has been a consistent means to explore web based communication.

Today, visitors will be happy to know that the site will continue to document life as it passes.  The site will also see an increased emphasis on a simple concept: helping bridge the technological knowledge gap.  I have a deep passion for technology, and I've come to realize I have an equal, perhaps even stronger drive to help people with technology.  This site will document the effort of combining those passions to enable people to achieve great things.


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