Mad iPhone User Group

Mad-iPhone is (as you might guess) a group of people based around Madison, WI who use the Apple iPhone (or Touch) and enjoy hanging out.

The Paradigm follows the model used by user groups around the US. We meet in a convient location (in our case a local coffeehouse) and have minimal organization and NO dues. Our number one priority is to have FUN. If a new face shows up more than once we may ask if they want to be on the email list, but we keep the atmosphere very casual. The rationale for this approach is that just as the iPhone unchained users from the desktop, an iPhone user group can be unchained from the traditional user group style (traditional style: run like a company, meet in a large empty room, pay dues, mission statements etc). Just stop by and say "hello" and join us for lively discussions about cutting edge technology and iPhones or the Touch.

Meeting the 3rd Thursday of Every Month: 6:30 PM

Victor Allen's Coffee
2623 Monroe Street, #100
Madison, WI 53711



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