iPad First Thoughts

Just a few quick thoughts on my first 12 hours with the iPad.

  • Much faster then the iPod.
  • Keyboard is good, just need to find the right angle which is tougher then you might think. Once you get it nailed, seems to type well for me.  Key placement just different from iPhone keyboard to slow me down as well, expect for that to improve.
  • Screen is amazing. Images really snap on this thing which is why I got it.  Very excited to use it for Focal Flame.
  • iBook is cool but needs more content. Much more content. I hope this goes the way of music and not movies in iTunes. I want to be in a world where I think or hear about a book and I can buy it on the spot. We are not there yet.
  • Did I mention the screen is amazing?
  • To say this is a large touch is like saying adults are large kids.  Having the larger screen and apps that take advantage is an amazing experience. Weather-bug app is like having a weather man in your house.
  • Finger prints are everywhere. Dust is everywhere.  If that bugs you, be ready to be upset.
  • It's heavier then I thought it would be.  Holding it long term makes my technology weak arms strain.  :)

More will come as I play with it today and tomorrow.

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