iPad Day Two Thoughts

Still enjoying the device itself.  Here are further thoughts as I use it more.

Having the case really helps with typing.  It allows for just enough angle sitting on your legs that improve typing ten fold.  I might just be getting quicker with the keypad as well.

Apps I'm using the most are Netflix, and GoodReader which is a PDF reader/manager.  The PDF reader is by far the star for the week, and that says a great deal as there are a number of really good apps out this week.  Things also seems to be very useful as an extension to my Things addiction on the iPhone and the Mac.

I think a disappointing app this week is TweetDeck.  I love this app on the iPhone and desktop but the iPad version is rather lacking on the features and I find that I don't even want to use it.  A feature I use often on the desktop and phone versions is the Facebook feature that allows me to stay connected all in the same interface as the Twitter updates.  To date, the iPad version is lacking this feature. The developers mentioned this feature is coming in version 2 so I hope this will be coming soon.

Watching video is much more enjoyable on the iPad then the laptop.  I found the heat of the laptop to be slightly distracting so having the ultra cool iPad and the super long battery life a welcome option.

Not much of a fan of the iBook app as I work more with GoodReader.  I believe books that you buy in the store will find a great home in iBooks but if you are converting other documents (like pdf's) then you might find that formatting might distract from the overall reading of documents.  I need to use it more, but first impressions are so so.

The last, and most critical reason in using the device is image viewing.  I had the chance to use it with clients this afternoon and handing them the iPad with the images loaded and allowing THEM to navigate was very powerful. They went back and forth, zoomed, and commented without the need to instruct how to navigate.  They just got it, and I think that speaks to the simple, yet amazing power this interface holds.  Powerful stuff.

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