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DrupalCamp WI 2009 Talk: CCK/Views/Rules Review

I gave a talk during the 2009 edition of the uber fun DrupalCamp WI event and I thought I would pass on the details of the talk here for participants could have a virtual location to rally around the discussion.

Most important, the modules you will want to download and install in your Drupal 6 install are:


Views -

Rules -

An additional module that extends the Rules module (and many others) is the Token module (

Once these are installed, administrators have a great deal of flexibility in configuring/creating content on a site, and then display that content in a number of ways that make sense for the specific use case.  With the Rules module, administrators can configure a collection of actions based off a triggered event on the site.  An example would be: send an email, and re-direct the user after they create new content.  Very powerful stuff.

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